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Reno SCCA 2023 Solo Run Groups Reference
- What Are Run Groups?
The Reno Region uses a color-coded class consolidation method to help simplify run groups and competition groups.

National Classes are grouped into Reno Competition Classes. National Classes compete against each other within a Competition Class based on their associated PAX factors. Cars competing on street tires (T) are given and additional factor of 0.975, excluding classes that require street tires such as Street and Street Touring.

Competition Classes are assigned a Run Group Color which indicates when they will run during the day at an event. The run ordering cycles after every event to allow all groups to run at each time throughout the season. At the season half-way point, two groups are swapped in the order to change group neighbors for the second half of the season.

For example, an event listing run groups as "GW,BY" will have group GREEN running first in the morning while WHITE works, then WHITE running while GREEN works. After the lunch break, BLUE runs while YELLOW works, then YELLOW runs while BLUE works.

Novice and Run-No-Points drivers do not run in a fixed Run Group and are assigned to a Run Group the day of the event in order to best balance the groups.

The Run Groups for the 2023 season are listed below: