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Street Prepared
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Default VC Hillclimb

With the cost of entry at $750 (not revealed till a laborious sign-in, and not like I wanted to compete anyway) Iíve only had a casual interest in this event:


...and I was not aware of cancellation in 2018.

Concerns by Storey County officials last year focused on safety, but as the article points out, VC merchants were troubled the event did little to promote spending of actual $$$ in town (itís always about the money, isnít it?). While organizers have regularly contributed to the community (VC High School, to name one) C Street businesses have felt somewhat left out and as the article points out, there will be event activities scheduled for downtown in 2019.

Pat Housel, among others has been involved in years gone by and I believe there are opportunities for paid course workers. Pat?

Been up and down 341 too many time to count in the Alfa (and on my Nighthawk) most recently following Saturdayís Autocross. My technique for a decent total experience begins at the bottom of Geiger Grade, on the Reno end of 341. Wait along the road to let traffic go by, watch for a big gap, then carefully pull ahead of vehicles approaching from behind. Obviously gives cars that have preceded you an chance to get way ahead, but you will likely catch up anyway. Most will respect faster cars (or be troubled when you suddenly show up in their mirror ) and they use turnouts. Lacking proper etiquette by other drivers, left turn signal, followed by low beams on, then high beams, then high beams flashing, and if all else fails, laying on the horn also work to move tourists out of the way. I always add a friendly honk and wave as I go by.

Since Iím heading for Carson, I also get to enjoy a romp on the aforementioned Truck Route to 50, where the downhill run can be challenging. While horses are not uncommon, Iíve never seen them on the road. Of greater concern are Storey Countyís finest, and I always wave as I pass the Detention Center at the top of the hill. Sight lines are generally good on the road, although going up hill on the bike I have encountered someone coming down who thought the correct corner route was to take their half out of the middle 😱.

As always, YMMV and counsel has advised me to add my shenanigans should be in no way be interpreted as encouragement for street racing, no matter how responsible .

Finally, if you ask my wife, this is the only mode of transportation I am qualified to utilize on the truck route:

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It will be interesting to see how the event is handled and develops in local hands, part of the attraction was it was relatively low key. Too many spectators wandering all over the open road with a bunch of hoons entering and it's a recipe for disaster.

Most of the participants in years past were NorCal Shelby Club or Ferrari Pacific Region members, I wonder how many will still attend having had the event wrenched from them after 48 years. I ran in 2009, it was a bucket list item and I thought it was a well organized event with emphasis on safety, but once you leave the start line it's all down to the driver.

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I ran my Atom in this year's VCHC. I wanted to compare it to previous cars I've run in the past. The organizers did a great job and it was a safe event (as safe as it can be). A little pricey, but for me my only option since my car isn't legal to drive in California.
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