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Real Name: Steve
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Default BOOOO thunderhill west course only

Why only 4 events on the schedule and why only T-hill west? We have 2 other world class courses in the same proximity can we go to them too come on guys? I would like to go thru reno scca but not with that schedule. Can we please make a change?
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Hello Steve, I am glad that you want to follow the Reno SCCA schedule and driving program. I have to say, this is perhaps the best club to get involved with in regards to performance driving and/or racing. Thunderhill West is a very technical track and will keep you busy for awhile. I hope that you can make all four events. Have you driven T-West yet? Have you driven with Reno SCCA?
We too would enjoy renting other near by tracks in seasons to come, but first we need dedicated volunteers and participants to grow with the club. Learning T-West is a great starting point.
I am disappointed to hear that you are unhappy with the schedule, but we cannot change dates that are booked well in advance. Dozens of other great drivers and volunteers already have these dates penciled in for the year. I am sure that you could find a way to join us! See you soon!
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Yes the region would love to put on events at alternate tracks, but it's a question of weekend availability and financial economics. I know Dave tried for T-Hill east but with such a packed schedule, availability was limited to winter months when it is dicey for us Reno folks to get over the hill. If we went farther afield to Sonoma or Laguna Seca, we'd have to get 3x as many drivers to be financially viable and at Laguna comply with a 90dB limit.

Since the demise of Reno-Fernley we have had to travel farther for events, the more support we can get at the T-Hill events this year the more the region can consider additional future events, but it is likely that most alternate tracks are locked in for the 2016 season already. I hope you'll come out and support the T-Hill West events, as Tom says it is a challenging track for Time Trials & PDX and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

What are you driving? Reno has a a fairly full Solo program so you could supplement your thirst for speed by doing some Solo events as well?

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Yeah Steve, it's a matter of money, the tracks you mention are very, very expensive to rent and it takes very deep pockets to run an event at them; rent a track for $15,000 and only have 30 cars show up and you can take quite the financial bath. If we get more people to come out to our events at T-hill, we can look at scheduling more dates there, maybe at the 3 mile course; but we need more participants. So, if you really want to see us get more dates, we need you to come out to the ones we do have.
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Originally Posted by dsmith View Post
Yeah Steve, it's a matter of money, the tracks you mention are very, very expensive to rent .
And Steve, how much would you be willing to pay?

A 2 day event on the West Course with Reno is: $300

A 2 day event with Hooked on Driving with the 3 or 5 mile is $649.

Those are weekend events.

AND even Hooked (whose owner helped design and build the West Course) has to schedule the 3 lime on Monday, Thursday & Friday just to get track time.
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