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Originally Posted by 03flat4 View Post
How common is it for people to bring their DD to RallyX events? What I am wondering is, my DD is a 2011 STI. I would love to RallyX it. Love Rally but hate to damage the car. Of course if I do that, I would like to protect it the best I can. I would assume a Steel skid plate protecting everything under the engine bay would be probably #1, as well as mudflaps. With no car in front of me, I wouldn't think I'd need to tape the front of the car?

When I was in Vegas, I never took my car to the local dry lake beds because all we had was huge amounts of dust, which got everywhere, and unless we taped up all the cracks, dust got in places you would never get out lol. Do you guys also end up with dirt getting in every nook and cranny of your cars here?
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