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Kevin M 08-05-2013 07:04 PM

FS/Parting out: 1993 Impreza race car
So apparently, I need to park my cars the moment it occurs to me I may want to sell it. :mad: I had decided to post the race car up for sale after the next autocross (which was this past weekend) so naturally, disaster struck. After the event, or sometime on Sunday, my upper radiator hose went, causing the car to rapidly and severely overheat leaving Stead on Sunday. I do not yet know the extent of damage to the engine, but I expect there to be issues from the overheating.

I had planned to ask $8k for the car complete, minus the Volk wheels, with a strong likelihood I would also pull out the race shell and let Cory swipe the quick ratio steering rack. If the engine turns out to be okay, I still think $8k is a fair price for the car, even though it's hideous and worth about $1500 if it was a regular salvage title 1.8liter. I would be hard pressed to replicate this car for less than $9-10k I think, (not counting a car to begin with) and some items like the diffs and steering rack are very difficult to come across. If the engine is toast or needs significant work, I plan to remove the longblock and ask $4500 for everything else. As those of you who autocross know, this thing is a good set of tires and a little suspension tuning from being incredibly fast, probably capable of TTOD with no further mods if it were on slicks or DOT R compounds. I can't see being able to go faster than this car goes for less money, if you want doors on your racer.

It's capable of being registered in Washoe County as a Classic Rod, which puts a 5k annual mileage limit on it... which you would never approach as driving this car back and forth to work gets old fast.

For more details about the car, see here:

Cory did the majority of the labor on the engine, and he, Nich and Chris have invested quite a bit of time over the last few months tidying up loose ends and taking care of lots of little TLC items. It's not yet fully built to SCCA Prepared class allowances, but what remains will only cost time and effort instead of money. The only hard part the car is missing is a better rear diff, and those aren't hard to come by for this car.

AlexR 08-06-2013 08:59 AM

:( sorry to hear about your bad luck.

hopefully its only a radiator hose away from being back to 100%

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