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MJinCP 09-08-2020 08:57 AM

Andy Asked... 2021 TT Suggestions
Thanks to everyone for another great event, and season. Really was a blast. Great people, great events.

In response to Andy's request for input for 2021, I've only got a couple, that I list below. It would be great to have others chime in on this thread.

1) I vote overwhelmingly YES to have another 2 day, 2 track event like we did in July. TH East, followed by TH West was really great. Also, Friday/Saturday is excellent. Much prefer that over Saturday/Sunday. Possibly 2 of these 2 day events?

2) No more lectures on the color of our pee. We get it. We're all big boys and big girls.

notown 09-08-2020 09:40 AM

-I'll echo the 2 day suggestion.

-A full 5 mile day would be awesome if possible.
If it gets scheduled Im sure I along with others would gladly help promote it to get the attendance needed to cover the costs.

-At the least another 3 mile day or two would be great

-Maybe break up the dates to avoid the heat if possible? I know mid summer days are cheaper but I believe attendance is down for that reason also.

-For the 2 mile course I suggest breaking up the TA group into three run groups, the speed differential between a 1:25'ish lap and a 1:35+ lap makes for lots of traffic. Running a timed event with the traffic on a short course is a bit frustrating sometimes.

Regardless everyone is having fun and appreciate all the hard work by the volunteers and organizers!

Thibodaux 09-14-2020 08:57 PM

1. 2 day events are way better.

2. Maybe we try another track (Sears, Laguna) I think we need to change it up a bit.

3. A 5-mile THill would be fun to try.

4. Reschedule the season to run March-early June, skip July and August, run mid-late September and October.

5. Coordinate with SFR for some club races.

I really like the better turnouts we have seen since the social media has been taken over, if we offer more venues/options, I think the turnout will continue to increase.

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