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  1. stevewaclo
    01-08-2020 09:46 AM
    Here’s a sobering video of how things can go sideways (180* ?) on track


    Fortunately a happy outcome, but those approaching drivers, intent on their line, did not seem to take the single yellow very seriously.

    When working the track at Thunder Hill West (on that climbing, then blind turn that quickly goes down hill) I could see a similar event happening there.

    I noticed on the tower for that TH turn there was a large unused, deteriorated, perhaps flashable (I claim this new word!) electronic sign.

    May I humbly propose our management inquire into why that important driver alert is not functional and when it will be repaired?

    During a break in festivities the day I worked, I was cautioned by one of our veteran drivers to be watching not oncoming cars, but over the hill, where I was obviously in an ideal position to observe.

    Just sayin’...

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