View Full Version : How to use Arm Restraints?

08-22-2009, 02:51 AM
Last time, I was told that I need Arm Restraints if I have my Top down. I'm looking to buy a pair of them.

Now I wonder?? Do I need a racing harness to work with the arm restraints? I only have a OEM 3 points seat belt.

I'm thinking about get a racing 5 or 6 points harness install to my harness bar on my 4 points roll bars. But again I read that harness is recommend racing seat not my OEM stock seat. :huh:

08-22-2009, 06:28 AM
Nat, It looks like convertibles with the top down should meet Level 3 restraint requirements:
"Open or convertible cars in PDX (Level 1) or Club Trials (Level 2) events shall adhere to the restraint requirements for Track Trials (Level 3) and Hillclimb (Level 4) events. "

But, the rules also state "In lieu of OEM restraints":
All drivers in Club Trials (Level 2) events may utilize a restraint harness meeting the specifications of section 12.1 in lieu of the factory/OEM restraints.
A seven-point restraint harness is recommended for all events. Arm restraints are required on all open cars including open Targa tops, sunroofs and T-tops. The restraint system installation is subject to approval of the Chief Technical and Safety Inspector

The complete rules are here:

Either way, I feel you need arm restraints with the top down.

If you want to borrow a set of arm restraints for the Sept. event to try them out, I'll lend you mine. Let me know.
The arm restraints will clip in where your OEM belt latch is. You need enough room on the buckle to slide a metal O-ring over the buckle and still be able to insert the buckle into the latch (about 1/8 inch thickness on the O-ring).

On using a 5-6 point (6 point highly recommended over a 5) with your stock seats. This is not a good idea unless your OMP seats have 2 holes for the shoulderbelts to go thru.
The problem with most stock seats is that, when you wrap the shoulderbelts around the seats, they become too wide at thepoint where they contact your shoulders. And in a frontal impact, the shoulderbelts can silp off your shoulders because they are too wide.

Let me know on the arm restraints.